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Warning: A Perfect Storm is Brewing

On our watch we are developing the elements of  a "perfect storm" of events and trends likely to result by the middle of this century in a widespread "Digital Dark Age".

Are you ready?

Virtually 100% of records today are "born-digital" in government, commercial and institutional organizations. Yet, using the the evolution of electronic records management events and timeline as a guide, widespread adoption of LTDP-TDR (long-term digital preservation - trusted digital repositories) policies, practices, processes, technology and certification at sufficiently high maturity levels will not be in place until the second half of the century. By then it will be too late to avoid disaster.

Historic records can be retained on microfilm for 500 years and on paper for 50-100 years. But today no demonstrated nor affordable approaches can be certified to assure "digital continuity" beyond 10 or 20 years without significant information loss.

Is there a solution?  First, we need to elevate awareness and second focus on solving the challenges of information preservation.  Solutions will take radically different approaches to advocacy and collaboration than how we do things today.  But first, let's understand the problems.


What are the many causes of data or information loss?  The list is likely much larger than you are aware of.

Access our growing Information Loss Wiki documenting and discussing causes and case studies of data and information loss.

Can WE Save The Digital World?

This site's charter is to focus attention on the broad and deep issues surrounding preservation of digital information, Its founders are dedicated to the task of educating the world on the risks of not paying attention to the threat of digital data loss and the reciprocal value of digital asset loss prevention.  It is a complex set of problems with many dimensions and driving factors - and we will explore them all in these pages.

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The question is not "Can I Prevent Data Loss!" 
Rather, it is "How Much Data Loss Is Acceptable?"
How Much Information is at Risk over Time?