MISSION:Saving the Digital World is an ad-hoc alliance of individuals formed for educational purposes with open membership.  The goals and charter of the group are explained in the group charter pages.  We also maintain a sister resource in the Long-Term Digital Preservation Reference Model (www.ltdprm.org.)  In that site, we post and discuss the technical solutions for long term digital preservation and present reference models and solutions guides for those working in the field. 


The STDW team offers a range of consulting and project services in support of our clients.  Read more:


Michael Peterson  

  • Founder of the Long-Term Digital Preservation Reference Model (www.ltdprm.org) and author of many important works in the field over the last 38 years. 
  • Information Services Architect, specializing in the definition, planning, design and implementation of long-term digital preservation repositories and supporting information and data services.
  • Also Chief Strategy Advocate for the SNIA and member of the Long-Term Retention Technical Working Group.
  • CEO of Strategic Research Corp.  and MarketFusion, offering global corporate & customer development services as well as IT architecture and planning
  • Phone:  (805) 201-3178
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Bob Rogers

  • Senior consultant in IT architectures, risk management, and digital preservation services
  • CTO, Application Matrix, a developer of classification software
  • CTO, Strategic Research Corp, offering global IT, risk management, and digital preservation consulting  
  • Prior Co-Chair of the ILM Initiative within SNIA.  
  • Participant in SNIA's technical working groups and committees, highly published author
  • Contact: Phone: (240) 632-9361 
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Charles Dollar

  • One of the first principle developers of digital preservation practices beginning with the National Archives and Records Administration (1974‐1994) where he established the first electronic records preservation program.  
  • Author and contributor to ISO TC171 and ISO18492 (2005)
  • Consultant in digital preservation with many engagements since 1998
  • Recipient of the Emmett Leahy Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Records and Information Management Profession.
  • Contact: Phone: (662) 236-2479
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Lori Ashley

  • Principle consultant at Tournesol Consulting and member of Cohasset Associates as a Senior Consultant
  • Work experience includes the Data, Forms and Records Coordinator for the State of Wisconsin Department of Electronic Government and a decade as a business and regulatory strategist in the energy industry
  • Co-author of the annual report, "Electronic Records Management Survey" sponsored by Cohasset Associates, ARMA International and AIIM.
  • An active member of AIIM, ARMA International, and the SAA, and a frequent speaker at industry conferences and seminars.  She serves on the 2012 ARMA International Conference Committee Task Force, 
  • An instructor in the Master of Archival Studies program at Clayton State University (Georgia) 
  • Contact: Phone: 262-965-4995
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Don Post - Posthumous Recognition

  • Don was the driving force behind the creation of "Saving the Digital World" and we recognize and appreciate his contributions.
  • Don spent many years as a Partner and Sr. Consultant at IMERGE Consulting, specializing in long-term retention and digital preservation services and practices.  
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