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Holy Grail Problem Areas

posted May 18, 2011, 10:05 AM by Michael Peterson   [ updated Jun 26, 2012, 5:05 PM ]

List of Significant Obstacles to the Success of Digital Preservation Services

Practice Issues

  • Repository and Service Audit Methods, certification
  • Terminology and Ontology
  • Training and Certification
  • People migration, education
  • Funding and value generation, Digital monetization
  • Rich media
  • Asset Mgmt
  • How do you define an archive vs. an IT datacenter
  • Best Practices, Use Cases, 
  • GUIDs not adequate as persistent identifiers of changing objects or collections of objects - see RDF's UUID and EZID        

Technical Issues

  • Digital Audit methods, principles, installed in real audit organizations, non-repudiation (at storage level?), regular digital audit required.
  • Integration of digital audit into tape systems
  • Interoperability, XML container formats, ontology, interchange metadata, 
  • Information portability, virtualization, interchange
  • Discovery including metadata - (index and search on large datasets)
  • Scaling large repositories and services
  • Migration - logical, physical, emulation, migrating between cloud providers
  • Preservation Objects - maintaining links, scaling, readers
  • Contracts, SLOs, SLAs for TDRs as service providers
  • Difference between DAM and CM for preservation - market education needed
  • Curation, provenance, ingestion, capture methods
  • Classification and retention mgmt
  • Federation of repositories - interchange
  • Preservation ontology
  • Format policies - are they universal, organization specific? or best practices?
    • Can't have a format policy - don't try to reformat on the way in, preserve what you have.  No advantage to a browser to pull old formats out. Archiving on the web is a use case. 
  • PO (AIP) interoperability - LOCKSS, RXD, DPIF, CDMI 
  • Final production formats often not good for preservation (i.e. pdf-a) 
  • Preservation for re-use an use case. Metadata is not static, packaging in one lump not what I want to do.
  • Reuse important. Versioning happens. 
  • Dynamic active file sets need a different handling paradigm.         
  • Pre-ingest - the process problem to the customer
  • Security classification, metadata categorization tools
  • 3-D imaging formats, transforms, futures