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Strategic Issues in Archiving and Accessing Digital Motion Picture Materials

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science Sci-Tech (Science and Technology Council) examined ways in which key players in the movie business and other major industries currently store and access important digital data in The Digital Dilemma. The goal was to better understand what problems these industries face today and what, if anything, is being done to avoid full-fledged data access disasters down the road.

Through 18 months of research and writing, the Council discovered that the issues of digital storage reliability and compatibility go far beyond lost snapshots and spreadsheets. The world currently produces the equivalent of many trillions of books a year in digital data. The question of how to dependably and efficiently archive and access this massive amount of information in the long term is already a burning issue for government, industrial and scientific communities.

Follow-up report: The Digital Dilemma 2

The Digital Dilemma 2 reports on digital preservation issues facing communities that do not have the resources of large corporations or other well-funded institutions: independent filmmakers, documentarians and nonprofit audiovisual archives.

Both reports can be downloaded from: