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Projects and Tools or Services to Create

List below and discuss possible tools and services we can develop that will lead us towards having something to sell or consult around vs. just offering advice. 

Work Projects to Advance our Program


Educational Ideas to develop:

Online Free Promotional Information and Knowledge-bases



  •     Credential methods 
  •     Audit - CMM and with our practice methodology
  •     Planning
  •     Design
  •     RFP/ Functional Spec development or customization
  •     Implementation
    •  at various stages or for the entirety of a system design

Community Building

  •  Alliances

Business Processes

  • Document management framework - using Google docs 
    • Login Information:
    • Obtain a Google Docs and Google Calendar login ID (same for gmail) and pswd
    • This is a secure site and has to be shared with you by an administrator
    • URL: 
    • Document mgmt function within Google Docs
    • Intellectual Property agreements and practices
    • Email communication - 
    • Consider use of the bulletin board where public discussion is encouraged on a topic
    •  use Exec Summary style to improve communications
    • Keep the number of messages per email low
    •  Program management framework 
    • Use Tracking tools such as spreadsheets to log work, action items, plans, agreements
    • FAQs to document agreements 

Marketing and Business Development

  • Objectives 
  • To promote our services and work outputs
  • To develop relationships through outreach and interaction with other associations/communities
  • To find consulting and advisory work
  • Delivery Tools
    • Webinars, desktop video, papers, training, tests, presentations, 
    • Resource knowledge-base
  • Speaker's bureau on the topic of data loss