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RFP Project Statement of Work

This is a work in progress - to frame the statement of work for the RFP - functional requirements spec. Here's a draft to stimulate discussion

Objectives of this work effort:

As part of a RFP template and service offering for the group, define the functional spec portion of the RFP

Not the design spec (that the vendor will respond with) but the requirement that the system must adhere to so that vendors respond with common and appropriate bids

Analogous to part of the Ontario Archives project (RADR) 

Technical & specific enough to allow vendors to provide comparable bids and a customer to make an intelligent selection between bids. 

To create a tool set that can be used to promote our consultancy as well as move the industry ahead

How will it be used:

Introductory Teaser put in public domain

Advanced or complete Modules - as product for sale and/or with used with consulting services

What customers expect this to be:

A template they can use to frame a RFP and as functional specs that the vendors have seen and are ready to respond to 

A tool to stimulate engagement for professional services using our template as the industry 'norm'

Types of potential customers

Local and regional government, libraries, universities, 

IT datacenters satisfying regulatory compliance and LTDP requirements

Cloud service providers

Vendors and Professional Services Companies in the field

How to grow an industry around this

Put it out to the vendors so that they can prepare

Ask for their input as a way to drive community participation

Ask them to promote it to their potential customers

Integrate into the Buyer's Guide as a criteria 

- declaration and qualification of who is compatible with our Functional Requirements could be a huge win for us equivalent to the Gartner 'Magic Quadrant" influence

Promote the template as a 'best practices' methodology around the world



Functional requirements - what has to be accomplished by the system, its goals & objectives, high level statement of function and purpose. 

Includes - design principles, design philosophy, standards that have to be 

Technical requirements - specifics of the system functionality that have to be considered 

Design Spec - what the vendor develops in response to the technical and functional requirements, how they will implement and meet the 'goals'



Glossary - specific to our design philosophy and architecture

Process to develop

Identify SOW 

Program plan for development

Identify Framework-Outline-Plan for documentation of each module

Identify Modules if any -- i.e. on what dimensions do the functional requirements scale or is scale merely a 'fill in the blank' type of number? 


Orientation to the design definition - 

Options:  ILM2.0 based practice methods (ITSM/ITIL compatible),  Information Virtualization as the core thesis using TDOs or POs?  

 EIM/EDRMs compatible, OAIS compatible, Other standards compatible - what are they and how do the influence the design

Are there different classes of design?

Around TDOs or around Silos for those who want a silo? 

Architectural design agreements to resolve

Is the 'cloud' a separate or integrated service? an add-on module? 

Addressing the cloud separately is very good as it will provide cache' to the output


Resources and relevant models to consider

Artefactual Wiki - has some good reference materials for this purpose

Ontario Archives - RFP and proposal including project plan

Look online

Functional requirements listings from papers and presentations

Find good SLO references as template(s)