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Digital Continuity Checklist

Digital Continuity Checklist – Is Your Organization DigitalOK?


Every organization has electronic records and digital content that it wants to retain and have access to for periods in excess of ten years.  This may be due to regulatory or legal reasons, a desire to preserve organizational memory and history, or may be driven entirely by operational reasons.  But long-term continuity of digital information doesn’t happen by accident --- it takes planning and a keen awareness of the technology and file formats in use.


As the volume and complexity of digital information grows, so does our reliance on hardware and software.  But digital media and file formats become obsolete in just a few short years --- and can’t be relied upon to support some types of information and records for as long as they will be needed.


This digital continuity checklist was developed to help you identify whether organizational (enterprise-level as well as business or system level) capabilities are in place to ensure that specific categories of long-term information assets are identifiable, available, retrievable, understandable and reliable.  For each line item at the enterprise or specific information asset level, check whether the capability is “Checked and OK, “May Need Future Attention,” or “Requires Immediate Attention.”  Any boxes that are left unchecked should be placed on a “To Do” list so you can research the answers.

Lori Ashley,
Jul 27, 2012, 5:40 AM