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Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model

A conceptual model for long-term digital continuity of records and information assets

The Digital Preservation Capability Maturity Model (“DPCMM”) provides a process and performance framework against best practice standards and foundational principles of records management, information governance and archival science.  The model decomposes high level requirements for a trustworthy digital repository into fifteen (15) readily understandable components and thresholds to facilitate dialogue and planning among stakeholders to address the challenges of long-term preservation of records and information.  These components are arranged into two major categories - infrastructure and services.

It is important to note that the DPCMM is not a "one size fits all" approach to ensuring long-term access to authentic digital records and information.  Rather, it is a flexible approach that can be adapted to an organization’s specific requirements and resources.

DPCMM is used to identify the current state capabilities of digital preservation which forms the basis for debate and dialogue regarding the desired future state of digital preservation capabilities and the level of risk that the organization is willing to take on.  In many instances, this is likely to come down to the question of what constitutes digital preservation that is “good enough” to fulfill the organization’s mission and meet the expectations of its stakeholders.

We welcome your interest in and feedback on the model. You can find the latest information about DPCMM at: